I put this wiki here. It's just here to be rewritten by anyone who wants to. I just want to see the original short story reformed into an empowering (not disparaging) tale of a female youth getting started in the world of Linux/FOSS under the care of a female mentor. I'd like to see the "how to' aspect of the story maintained and updated. I also see potential to reverse the "moral", where the Jennifer character could discover that there is far more to life than the boxes society tries to cram her in. I dunno, this is just my vision for it. Anyhow, that's all I want to do. I didn't take on transforming this short story as an exercise in writing because, hey, I can't write. This being a piece of fiction, there are bound to be inconsistencies if it is worked on by many people. This is why I feel it should have some sort of creative direction. As well, grammar, flow, adherance to main plot and integration of subplots, and all that other good writey stuff I know nothing about is prolly going to have to be looked after too. I'm just not able to do that though. I'm also a pretty crappy director, maintainer, project..whatever. Any volunteers?